Pablo Julián Davis

Pablo is a lawyer, translator, and historian. Many of the posts, or short essays, here are drawn from the newspaper column “MIsterios y Enigmas de la Traducción/Mysteries & Enigmas of Translation” (published weekly in La Prensa Latina, Memphis, Tennessee, since July 2012). Pablo had the good luck to grow up marinating in at least a half-dozen languages—his native Spanish and English; French, used by his parents to communicate what they thought were secrets; a salting of Yiddish and a rumor of German; and seasonings of Italian, Portuguese, and Russian. He has always been fascinated with language in its many aspects—a form of human behavior; a medium for the creation of beauty; a tool of persuasion and inspiration; a weapon and instrument of power; and a record of human history, knowledge, and thought, to name just a few. These are some of the concerns and passions that run through the essays on this site. Your interest is appreciated, and your thoughts and comments are very welcome.
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The hallmark of successful change…

Your Academic Coach believes that your high potential can become high achievement through a program of change that’s both ambitious and realistic.  Under the leadership of educator Pablo J. Davis (Ph.D. and M.A., Johns Hopkins University; M.A:, Columbia University; B.A. cum laude, University of Maryland), who draws on his experience at the university and high-school … Continue reading