Your Academic Coach believes that your high potential can become high achievement through a program of change that’s both ambitious and realistic.  Under the leadership of educator Pablo J. Davis (Ph.D. and M.A., Johns Hopkins University; M.A:, Columbia University; B.A. cum laude, University of Maryland), who draws on his experience at the university and high-school levels, as well as in both teaching and student affairs, we offer high-potential students and their families in Memphis, the Mid-South, and beyond one-on-one guidance in creating, implementing, assessing, modifying, and completing custom-designed personal success maps. The hallmark of successful change is identifying and adopting small but strategic modifications in behavior, quickly evaluating their effectiveness, and then fine-tuning for optimal results.

We offer a range of services tailored to the individual student and family’s goals and budget, from a one-time overview diagnostic to the basic six-session program and/or the monthly maintenance plan.  Contact us to learn more about our services, your needs, and how the two can match up to help you make a major move towards academic and life success.

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